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Dear Readers,

It's me again! Surprise! Quite awhile you haven't read one of these blogs, haven't you? Well, let's just say I was on an amazing European tour drinking the finest wine and enjoying the best fine dining in all the places I love. Someone pinch me! I am dreaming but hey it's good to finally sit behind my lappy and write again. Sigh, it's been too long!

We are already at the end of October, you know what that means right? Christmas! My favorite time of the year and as this magical season is quickly approaching, many of us are reflecting on the year thus far, our goals and accomplishments and soo forth. At the beginning of each year, I am always excited and bubbly about my goals and plans for the year ahead, it's like a picture perfect plan when written down in my note pad and placed on my desk where I can easily tick off each one as the months pass by. Similarly, you may feel the same but what happens when those goals and plans do not flourish? When there is an unexpected U-turn in our life and all those goals and plans seem nearly impossible to attain.

This is where I introduce my blog topic " Trusting God in the Unexpected". Sounds difficult isn't it?

I distinctly remember the year 2021, a year I will perhaps never forget. My entire life was flipped up side down because well the unexpected happened, some bridges burnt , job loss and the passing of my papa, all heart wrenching tragedies. Did I expect or plan any of these? No way! At the beginning of 2021 I was beaming with joy and anticipation to what that year would bring but oh boy was I in for a surprise.

During that difficult year, my relationship with Christ was indeed the only stability I had in my life. I clinged to my Heavenly Father more than ever, and constantly reminded myself of his word/promises in the bible.

I had to do the difficult thing and trust God with my circumstances. To trust is to believe in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of something. So, when it comes to trusting God, that means believing in His reliability, His Word, His ability and His strength. The Bible says that God cannot lie. That He always keeps His promises. That He loves you and has good in store for you.

I truly believed that the Lord loved me, but I was sailing through some rough waters and at times it felt like a kid being punished for something I never did however the following scripture kept me afloat; James 1:2-4 My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

I am truly amazed at the word of God, there is hope and guidance even in hopeless, unexpected situations. When everything around us seems to be going wrong, trusting God may just be out of the question because it is the most difficult act we can perform as humans with limited knowledge and understanding of God's ways. Like myself, maybe you have had an unexpected turn of events this past year or will eventually encounter some trials that make take you by surprise, I am writing to encourage you to keep an open mind when you are faced with trials, as children of God, when faced with trials, our response matters, as the scripture above instructs, let us not be dampened but rather develop an attitude of joy knowing trials help build our character, trust, faith, perseverance and dependability in Christ.

It is soo easy to throw in the towel, and isolate or wander away into depression, self pity and possibly lose our relationship with God during difficult times however God works in miraculous ways in which we will never understand, tests eventually turn into testimonies when you allow God into them. I am a victor because of Christ, because of my choice to trust in him during my lowest year. Every hurt and loss was replaced with joy, new opportunities, favor and some pretty amazing people that I believe are angels in human form. The year 2021 may not have unfolded into my greatest experience but I walked away with humility, trust and confidence in Christ, whereby if an unexpected event were to occur it cannot shake/break me as it did in that year and I sincerely believe that was exactly the purpose of all of it, as James 1:2-4 said we lack nothing when our faith is tested through trials. I felt like a new me was birthed and looking back I am thankful for that year and what God was doing in my life.

In concluding, my dear sister/brother, when the unexpected unfolds, do not quiver and be afraid; the Lord your God will never leave you nor forsake you, as it is written. He already knows the outcome of your trials. Rest easy and trust in your maker. As you plan for the new year ahead 2023, write those goals down and make room for God to do the rest. God has a way of shaking and rearranging our lives in such a way that it aligns to his will and purpose for us.

Do not be surprised if the upcoming year end and new year 2023 looks different or unexpected that what you have penned or imagined. God does some of his best work when we aren't even ready! Enjoy the ride and happy holidays as you enjoy this season with your loved ones.

Much love Meera....

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