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THE BETTER WOMAN - God's Perspective (Inspired by Queen Esther)

Dear Readers, The title of this blog is inspired from the life of Esther in the Bible. Such a humble, noble woman. In my opinion she was the better woman among all the other candidates vying for queen, (even the King would agree) but this article is not about women becoming queens, it's about becoming Christ's bride. I could not think of a better example than Esther and the characteristics she possessed, which are humility, integrity, compassion and genuine love for the Lord. Her simple life was such a rich example of what God truly desires in his daughters. What do you think makes you a better woman? Attraction? (Sure Esther was beautiful) but that was not the only reason the King chose her, Education? Fashion? There are soo many qualities that women hold on too dearly that simply is not God's best for us. Are we modeling him in our everyday lives? Have we really traded the good life and is living the better life with Jesus? Queen Esther, devoted her time in prayer to her God, while being obedient to him she gained his favor to marry the King of Persia to save her own people from death and destruction. What a woman!

If you haven't heard the story or watched the films, be sure to check it out. There are many attributes, women can take away from her, the King didn't just choose her for her beauty but he wanted an obedient wife. Since Esther was already obedient to her Lord this was a no brainer right? On becoming the Better Woman, obedience to our Lord must be birthed, as Esther loved the Lord, she chose to obey him even for her choice of husband. What makes her stand out? Her humility, Esther was my no means the show off or show up type, she was humble and pleasant, her deportment was well intact and she didn't need to put up a fake smile to woo the king. Are we humble and well mannered women? Many may say that's very rare these days but I do believe that having Christ makes a huge difference in this aspect of womanhood. Kindness, meekness and gentleness becomes second nature when Christ is at the center of our lives. He gives and teaches us grace.

Modesty, I admired the women and their choice of clothing back then. In the 21st Century that would not cut it. Women would be classified as actual nuns if we wrapped our heads with veils and bodies in tons of fabric despite its beauty and gems and paraded the streets but that doesn't mean modesty has to be a long lost quality. Modesty is God's choice for his daughters, our bodies are like holy temples and we ought to carry it as such, speaking this to a bunch of girls or women now would spark a lot of fire but it is definitely a quality that makes a better woman at least in God's sight and any God fearing man's sight. Respect for one' self and body is very vital.

Integrity and Compassion displayed in Esther's story was no match for any other women, she had those down right handled. All this attributes makes Esther who she was the BETTER WOMAN.


As we observe women in the church today, we see the vast majority striving to meet perfection. They have allowed today’s society and media to influence their view of what women should be. Many women feel overwhelmed by the unrealistic expectations the world has placed on them, and which they have also placed on themselves. They have fallen prey to the mentality that they need to be the perfect wives, moms, great house makers, smarter, stronger, and successful and have it all together all the time. They have to look the part, even though inside they are struggling with brokenness and everyday challenges.

As Christian women, we need to evaluate our hearts and ask ourselves what is motivating us to strive for perfection. Are we trying to please man or God? Please don’t misunderstand me, we should strive to be the best we can and live a life that brings glory to God, but I believe we need to keep a spiritual perspective. I like what Paul says in Colossians 3:1, "Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory."

This verse always brings me back to where I need to be because, like all of us, I can sometimes get sidetracked. I believe that the key here is what Paul tells us. He says to set your hearts. That means waking up every day and saying, “Lord today help me to focus on the eternal; guide me to do all you have called me to do today. I know that in you I am enough and complete.”

I encourage us women to refocus and set our hearts in seeking his presence and his direction for our lives. Let us not be led astray by what the world’s standards say we should be. We should prosper, but we ought to let God be the one opening the doors and placing us where he wants us to be.

As we are called to lead—in our homes, careers, and ministry—to make a difference in the world around us and to advocate for change, we must remember that the change God wants, and the change we so need, is the change of the heart. God wants to bring light into the dark areas of our lives. We need to allow God’s love and presence to heal our souls.

A woman’s heart that has been transformed by the power of God brings change to those around her. She is secure in knowing where she is in life and what she is doing is enough for God, because she has set her heart in only pleasing Him. (Sounds a lot like Esther)

We can’t let human expectations guide us or lead us, the only expectations to live by are those that God has given us—and that is to be obedient to His Word and put our trust in him. He knows that we are not perfect and he reminds us that his strength is made perfect in our weakness, He knows our nature, and yet he loves us. We are enough in him. Thinking of what my wants are, I pray that they are in line with God’s and his desire for my life. May some of these also be in tune with your heart as He speaks and settles all the business of our lives and puts our hearts and minds back into a heavenly perspective.

Repeat after me and claim this for your life today and always:

I want to be a woman who brings glory to God and her identity is wrapped in him. A woman who knows she is accepted and loved. A woman with a confidence that comes from knowing that she was created and made to be an instrument that brings change to those around her. A woman who is powerful but her power comes from the presence of God in her life. I also want to be the woman who so many young girls need. Someone who can encourage them to seek God, maybe not so much by my words, but by how I live my life—in faith and trust in a living God.

God bless you ladies as we all strive to be Better Women, God's Best. Much Love Meera....

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