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Struggling with your Identity in a Digital Era?

Updated: May 26, 2021

Hello readers, It's me again coming to you directly on your devices, to write about the very core of what most of us experience in this digital era, mainly social media, to name a few, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Do you often find yourself scrolling through social media and realize that you have become devoted to influencer's thoughts, lifestyle and advices, so much that you begin to question your our own identity and self-worth? You begin to adapt to this digital expectation of who you should be? You begin to adapt to their hobbies, music, style of dressing and for the gals posing for some really "hot" pictures because yours don't quite generate the attention and likes you would hope for? Then this blog read is for you!

Social media can affect us both negatively and positively. It all depends on YOU as an individual and your sense of self.

It is very easy to lose yourself while following others on social media but I am are here to fix that biblically, I am here to reassure you that you do not need to feel pressured to measure up to anyone's expectations of YOU! WHY? BECAUSE GOD CREATED YOU! YOU ARE HIS! HE ALONE CAN DEFINE YOU!

You cannot depend on influencers, political parties, religious icons or just people in general to define you because flesh and blood cannot determine who you are, only God can because he created you. You may say to yourself "ahh I have heard this before but I still suffer from low self esteem, I still have issues with my body , hair etc." That is perfectly fine because we are humans and we are always seeking to improve or up our game, sure I, We are all here for it but when our lives start to reflect that of someone else we have gone a little too far don't you think? Because with this comes a constant desire to appease others but your own true self is neglected and that can later result in the following:

  1. Depression

  2. Low Self-Esteem / Worth

  3. Lack/Delay of identifying your own Purpose here on earth

  4. Chronic Self-Doubt

  5. Unhappiness

  6. Co-Dependency

Didn't think it was that serious right? Sometimes we are soo caught up, we don't even realize we fit right into one or more of the six (6) listed above. It can often sound like " Man I wish I had her/his body" or " I wish I can dress like that and do what they do"

Everyone has their own unique purpose and calling here on this earth. Do you know by constantly relying on a digital platform for validation or acceptance you can miss/delay your own purpose and calling?

YES ! That is why it is soo important to have a RELATIONSHIP with your maker, because he fills us up from the inside out. Our purpose is known to him.

His word reassures us that:

We are all created unique and special. God is the potter and we are the clay. He made us all perfect having our own uniqueness. Some people have blue eyes, brown eyes, some people can do this, some people can do that, some people are right handed, some people are left handed.

God has a plan for everyone and we are all an individual member of the body of Christ. You are a masterpiece. As you grow more and more as a Christian you will truly see how special and unique God created you.

Here are a few verses from the bible that illustrates this:

1. Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. (the next time you look in the mirror and think you're not pretty or handsome enough, remember what his word says about you)

2. Psalm 139:14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” (Ponder on those two words)

3. (Big one) Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart . (1st Samuel 16:7)

Having read the article thus far, I hope you have a clearer picture of what God thinks of you and most importantly that should be the only opinion that should matter or mean the most to us; without leaving out the fact that we are humans, see a few social media tips below on how to improve your time on social media without it becoming your self reliance tool for worth and validation.

  1. Dedicate time to do a social media purge - remove or unfollow accounts/ persons that do not bring positivity to your space; Reason being , for most of us social media may be the first thing we look at in the morning. Inspiration and positive content that can uplift and edify your spirit should be vital.

2. Follow accounts/persons that promote self growth in all areas in life specifically things you are interested about eg. music . - This can help you build/ inspire your own talents and gifts.

3. Limit your time spent on the the various apps, set accountability for your self and goals you wish to a accomplish daily.

4. Be sure to detox often, sometimes too much information is accessible on those apps that you do not need to know all at once and that can affect you mentally.



In conclusion, Social media is a fun tool and has diversified over the years; from being an app to connect with loved ones and friends, to now being a platform to voice concerns, host meetings, build an audience for a business and even generate income. There is no doubt , we have fully stepped into the digital era of life. Use it wisely, your mental health matters and if we are not careful enough, social media can become our life.

Did this article benefit you in some way? Be sure to leave a comment or message below.

I'd be happy to hear from you! Godbless you! Much love Meera.

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