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Radical Transformation - Wrestling with God

Hello Ladies and welcome to this much anticipated blog series on the journey to Radical Transformation.

Here is something to take into consideration as we begin, "Our lives without Christ will simply remain a mess, but with Christ, we are transformed into holy daughters of God".

The term radically transformed can appear appealing but behind it all it's a messy world.

My journey to transformation has been nothing short of that. As a teenager I always felt my path was different to many I knew. There was a constant thug within me to lead a totally different life. As a young girl, I devoted most of my free time to reading inspirational books written by mighty women of God. I was drawn to this for reasons I could never understand at that time.

I would often find myself constantly looking at their YouTube channels to find a sense of purpose and direction for my life as their teachings mainly spoke of this amazing life of a Christian woman. My late teenage years were very confusing; I kept questioning God a lot and would always ask "why can’t I function like others my age"? Why was conviction so heavy on my heart?

Why did you create me this way? I sensed there was a call and purpose on my life but I could not understand it. I wrestled with God. I was trembling towards surrender. There weren’t any women role models in close proximity with whom I could sit and have a conversation about this.

Books became my friends and my safe place.

My mentors spoke to me through books and short inspiration clips/teachings online. Many times I would isolate myself from activities that would eventually lead to sin but there were struggles in other areas of my life at that time. (Conviction is a strange thing but I'm glad I had/have it .)

Yes I failed God many times but I am soo grateful that his mercies are new everyday.

Transformation can look and feel ugly in the process.

It is saying no even when it hurts.

It is cutting ties with flesh inspired relationships. It is losing friends in the process.

Transformation will require you to undergo a season of pruning, but surrender must come first.

Stay tuned for the next segment as I go in depth with this discussion.

Much Love Meera!

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