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Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hello Ladies, welcome back to the Radical Transformation Blog! In this segment, I will seek to discuss the process to Radical Transformation (It's not that pretty or comfortable) and the outcome of the Radical Transformed woman. (this part is pretty) *winks*

Before I jump into all this juicy stuff, please keep in mind, we as women should not impose the "totally transformed" mindset on ourselves. We are constantly a "work in progress" . If you think the Radical Transformed Woman is perfect then you will be disappointed on many levels and put additional pressure on yourself to measure up to the perfection standard. While many writers and inspirational speakers encourage women to be themselves; Christian women ought to be submissive to God, allowing him to strip parts of us that may not be pleasing unto him.


The process to this journey will in fact prove to be uncomfortable however to even start this process, salvation and the willingness to be born again must go hand in hand.

Read more about Salvation on my previous blog posts.

Let's look at the major areas where these changes will occur :

  1. Your mindset/attitude

  2. Your deportment/conduct/dress/etiquette

  3. Your headstrong beliefs

  4. Your life goals (to an extent)

  5. Your idea of a companion/soulmate (The Ephesians 5 type will appear attractive in your eyes)

  6. Your desire to serve in God's Kingdom will increase

  7. Your friends/company

Basically Everything about you WILL CHANGE!

How can you let go of the old you and embrace this process?

This chapter isn’t as fun/exciting/flexible/wild as the one that came before. And therefore not enough.

Some of these changes will occur naturally and gradually, you will only notice some of it after it's happened and some will require intentional effort on your end. For eg. my style in dressing completely changed compared to when I was 18-19, although yes I was saved then, the permanent change to my dressing only came a few years after.

I literally told myself I needed to throw out my old closet because these outfits no longer represent who I am. (Not that they were vulgar but my taste had completely changed) As women of God, we ought to clothe ourselves with dignity, respect and of course in all ways modest. Proclaiming being a daughter of God the most High, was just not enough; of course, I needed to dress like it, talk like it and behave like it.

Read more on the Proverbs 31 Blog post.

Let's jump to Number 5, A very critical topic for single, saved ladies.

Eventually guys who do not love the LORD will no longer appear attractive in your eyes, no matter how handsome they look outwardly.

The questions you would mainly be concerned about are:

  1. Is he sold out for GOD?

  2. Does he possess the characteristics of the Ephesians 5 Man?

  3. Does he value purity, marriage and family?

  4. Is he a leader?

  5. How can he add value to my life?

  6. Will we compliment each other and not take away?

Can you already spot the differences?

Book Bonus

I would recommend "Lady in the Waiting" Author Jackie Kendall.

(Currently Reading) for more guidance in this specific topic.

Let's talk life long goals?

The beauty of submitting to God's will is that now, he is steering the wheel of your life. You are no longer in control. Yes it is important to set goals and dreams for yourself but under God's divine authority, you will tend to say this a lot "Lord not my will but let yours be done" and really mean it..


Perhaps , you are in your mid twenties just as I am, and you have already planned the next five years of your life, Let's say, stable career, marriage and kids. All very important BUT God's plans can look nothing like ours. So please make room for some of those plans to be completely wrecked and also make room for his plans to be birthed. His plans are always better. :)

When you finally discover your God given purpose, your main goal will be to please God and carry out his will, so if that means being married sooner or later than you planned, so be it.

The beauty of it, is that just as his word promises in Jeremiah 29:11, (briefly paraphrased) He knows the thoughts, he thinks towards you and his plans are always good, we can rest assure that no matter how our life will unfold, It is all God's doing and we will have peace and find joy in that.


Now you can clearly see why this segment is totally geared towards becoming less of you.

A result of becoming the Radical Transformed woman means it is no longer about YOU any more . Bit by bit everything your old self once held on too will be stripped away. This process can seem like you are losing yourself in between but PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, ONLY THE PARTS OF US THAT NEEDS TO BE STRIPPED WILL BE, IN ORDER TO BE IN ALIGNMENT TO GOD's WILL AND PURPOSE FOR OUR LIVES.




Mines took years and I am still learning something new everyday, I am still discovering specific areas within myself that I need to pray about and allow God to fix. The goal is never to be harsh on yourself.

This is a learning/pruning process. We aren't going to have all our ducks in a row all at the same time.

So my beautiful sisters, as you read this blog, I applaud you for clicking on this link to access this segment. You are not reading this by chance, God wants to work on you as well. He has a divine purpose and plan for your life.

Tap into him daily, read his word, worship and seek him wholeheartedly. You will begin to see him showing up in ways you did not expect. He is faithful and I can attest, I cannot imagine my life without him. He makes me WHOLE. When I reflect on my transitional and transformation journey, I saw only God doing his divine work in me. I see a new destiny, a purpose filled life and soo much more. Each chapter looks different but each chapter is exciting and filled with many lessons and victories.


It's a rough ride, the seas will not always be smooth but once he remains our Anchor, we are SAFE!


Reading a lot of books did help and encourage me on this journey.

If there aren't any female mentors you can speak too, books are always a good friend/teacher and mentor as I like to call them.

Here is a short list I have read in relation to this segment that really did some magic:

- Author Heather Lindsey

  1. The Purpose Room

  2. Dusty Crowns

- Author Lysa TerKeurst

  1. When Women Says Yes to God

- Author Cynthia Heald

  1. Becoming a Woman of Freedom

-Author Joshua Harris

  1. I kissed Dating Goodbye

I hope you enjoyed this segment! Feel free to message me on my social media platforms Facebook and Instagram (Meera Sirjue) or via email: if you have any questions , or simply want to chat about anything discussed.

Much love Meera! :) God bless you ladies!

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