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Putting Faith Into Action

Scripture tells us that faith without works is dead. ... That's why it's so important to put the Word of God inside of you because when you do, you are building your faith. To keep that faith alive and thriving, we have to put it to use. One way to put your faith into action is through praise and worship.

Praise is a supernatural force that causes you to stand strong in faith even when your thoughts or circumstances are coming against the truth. Praise keeps your thoughts going in the right direction. It’s hard to be negative when you are declaring the goodness of God! Today, let praise make you stable and strong. Put that faith in your heart into action. Look for reasons to thank God. As you do, you’ll feel that inner strength and be empowered to move forward into victory all the days of your life.

Some people may well think that being a Christian just means professing a faith in Jesus, but Jesus clearly said 'Follow me'. Sometimes, that means literally dropping everything like those first disciples, and doing what we feel called by God to do. It can feel risky, but often exciting, and God sustains us through the changes that are necessary.

Not everyone is called to do something frightening or daring, but we are all called to take our faith seriously by putting it into action. If not, all we have is a shallow faith and a 'cheap grace' (Dietrich Bonhoeffer). If we just say we believe in Jesus and even go to church every Sunday, but do not act out God's love in the world, we are, in Paul's words, 'like a clanging cymbal' (1 Corinthians 13:1).

Putting faith into action can take many different shapes, but I believe it should always follow Jesus' example of solidarity with those less fortunate, inclusion of those on the margins, and putting others before ourselves.

I'm the  Co Founder of the United for A Purpose Charity Group which was originated in October 2017. It does not compromise of many members but we are simply  putting God's love into action by helping the less fortunate. 

So to, when we are called to put our faith into action. What should we do? Similarly when giving to the less fortunate we showcase God's love . How can we showcase our faith? 

By praying, praising, trusting, following him and expecting victories. 

Are you ready to put your Faith into Action? 

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