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My Journey from FAILURE TO SUCCESS! - Ayriel Narine

Dear Readers, read with me on this article.

I pray your hearts will be blessed.

The much-anticipated day had finally arrived. CSEC results, “oh what a nightmare”! Let’s peddle back to 2013 when I was just seventeen (17) years old.

I remembered it like it was yesterday because for me, my entire future was dependent on those results. I kept thinking I worked hard and I deserved to pass all my subjects however my main goal was making my parents proud.

Upon finally receiving the results, to my utter surprise I got four (4) passes out of seven (7). I failed Mathematics, Science and even my favorite subject, Geography. I was devastated because I knew I could not gain decent employment or even become qualified to go to University and to add salt to the wound, I disappointed my parents especially my dad who expected a certain standard from me. That moment felt like all my dreams were shattered right before my very own eyes.

My parents eventually forced me to repeat form five (5). Their decision made things worse because every single day I went back to school, I came home crying because I felt ashamed; all my friends left and went on to different avenues in their life and I was stuck in high school with other students and even teachers looking down on me. To understand Mathematics and even Science (Biology) was a constant struggle which eventually led to depression because it was my desire to pass these subjects to be

able to move on to the next chapter.

It was in those moments of depression, anxiety, fear, doubt, worry and sadness that I turned to God. I always believed and prayed but never like I did during that time of my life. I started to worship, and even began to create mini videos of myself preaching of how good God is. Those videos would be recorded and saved on my computer and from time to time I would go back and look at them. During that time, I was entirely focused on God, every day I wanted to praise him and talk of his goodness but I did it all in private. In the midst of the struggles I faced, God was my strength. I started to rejoice every day instead of crying and being down. It was only God who saw me through it.

At times I felt like I was never going to get where I wanted to be and honestly it took a very long time. Eventually I repeated Mathematics and Science and failed again but went on to pursue A levels until I could pass those subjects. I kept the faith but it was the most difficult thing at that time because the concern about disappointing people and the constant worry about my age, being too old for school dawned on me frequently.

Those years were a real struggle but again I still held on to hope that God will make a way where there seemed like there was no other way. Fast forward to sometime later, I finally managed to pass those subjects and immediately after that, new doors started opening for me. I got accepted into UWI and UTT and was even asked to pursue other educational careers. I was amazed because I knew after putting in my work and having faith that God would not disappoint me. Those sleepless nights where I would just cry and struggle so much was finally worth it. A feeling of contentment resonated deep within me. In the midst of being blessed to enter University, a job opportunity arose to become an assistant teacher. I was even blessed to get the opportunity to purchase a vehicle on my own. How great was this?

Presently, because of God's opened doors and my answered prayers, I graduated from UTT last year with honors and I paid off my car debt the exact time I graduated. I am now a teacher for almost five (5) years. All God's blessings poured down on me at once in his perfect timing.

That’s why now I can write of his goodness and grace. There is none like him. He will provide a way for you even when there seems to be no way.

I can attest to his greatness and mercies. He never fails! He will bring you out of any situation you are in once you believe, once you pour out yourself to him, once you are faithful, once you are patient and once you are willing to put him at the forefront of your life. This is my story of Failure to Success, If he can do it for me, he most certainly can do it for you! Be encouraged!

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