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Dear Reader, Welcome to God's Design Blog Feature for year end, December2021. Truly God has been a good good father throughout 2021. Have you had the chance to reflect on this past year?

I have, in many little intervals during the busyness of the day, my God constantly reminds me of just how amazing he is, the testimonies, breakthroughs and victories all deserves his glory. He has left an everlasting impression on my heart, that nudges me to delve into deeper intimacy with him, to make room, clear out space for him to do powerful and purposeful work in my life however I do believe this word/impression is not just an indicator for me in this season but for you as well. With that being said,

Allow me to officially introduce the Blog topic " Making Room" - Doing Less so God can do More.

Whenever we make a little room in our day, and in our hearts for God, it always amazes me how he can fill us with exactly what we need. So today, simply make room for God for whatever you need most, and allow him to fill that space with his good and perfect nearness. “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” PSALM 46:10. The simple truth of Christian spirituality is that God longs to fill whatever space we make available to him with his nearness. The gift he gives us that far surpasses a spouse, a job, a family, earthly success, or financial stability is simply himself. The heart cry of our heavenly Father is simply this, “Abide in me, and I in you” (John 15:4).

Have you ever tried to fill your coffee cup in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee when the cup is already full? In the same way, have you ever thought that maybe God wants to pour a fresh word, a fresh anointing, and a fresh blessing into us every day, but our cups and lives are already full?

Full of other things, people, priorities, agendas, and worries. Or perhaps it’s just full of yesterday’s old coffee, with no room for the new.

We live in a world of distractions. From the moment we open our eyes, before we can make it into our kitchen to start brewing coffee, most of us have notifications, alerts, emails and reminders on our phone. We have kids waiting for us and their endless demands. Naturally, we tend to fill ourselves up with the world, but God wants to fill up on His Word before anything else.

He wants to open a window so wide, directly from heaven, so he can pour out blessings that we won’t have enough room to take it all in. How beautiful is that? But on the other side, how detrimental it is if we have no room for Him to pour it into us?

What would it look like if your chief New Year’s resolution was making space for God to fill? What other desires of your heart would that take care of? How wonderful would it be to experience the transcendent peace and joy that comes from centering your life around meeting with God? How continually satisfied would you feel in consistently receiving the powerful love of your heavenly Father?

Take time today to reflect on what truly matters. Take time to choose “the good portion” that your life might be centered around he who alone has the power to truly satisfy your every longing.

God wants to have a thriving and bountiful marriage with you

One day God will take back control over the earth, but until then his family, that nation of priests, must follow him and work with him so his will is accomplished in the earth. He needs you to think bigger, to dream more extravagantly and to ask more abundantly.

God has a habit of asking people to expand their expectations so he can work through them in greater ways. We see this repeatedly with the Israelites, God’s first chosen people. Isaiah 53 gives us a beautiful image of Christ’s accomplishments on our behalf. Immediately after declaring his plan of salvation through the Messiah, God describes what he wants for those who will be in this new covenant and what he expects them to do. Before he affirms his eternal covenant of peace, he invites his bride to expand her tents. Expanding your tents refers to actual tents but it’s also for a metaphor for our hearts.

What are you willing to let go to let God increase?

What’s in your house? What’s in your hands?

Too often I hear people say that they would do anything God asked them to if he would just make it clear. Often times, Gods demands more from us , he desires us to leave wrong friendships/relationships, jobs, situations etc. because he sees beyond our mere human capacity. How can God use us in this realm if we are still hoarding things he wants us to get rid off in order to make room for him to move?

When you realize that you already have something God can increase, you have a direction to move, but you must move. If God can get you to see the potential of increase in a specific area, he can flood into that space. As you make room for him in your heart, make sure you step into that space with your emotions and your imagination AND… your actions. As we approach the Christmas season, we can recall of the account where Mary and Joseph visits an inn but were told there was no room.

Three Reasons Why There Weren’t Room for Jesus:

1. Too Crowded

2. Too Busy

3. Distractions

How do we make room for God practically on a daily basis? Spend time alone with God.

However, here are a few ideas:

Talk to God - tell him how you feel and what you’re thinking about.

Listen for his voice - make use of a diary, notebook or journal to record your thoughts and what God says to you.

Read and meditate on his Word, the Bible.

Be still and simply enjoy his presence.

Pray using your spiritual language – It helps you pray according to God’s will and build up spiritual strength


4 Things Happened When You Make Room For God in Your Life:

  1. An anointed, spirit filled life

  2. Activation of gifting/talents

  3. Walking in God's purpose

  4. Spiritual wisdom and discernment







Thank you that you want to pour into me. That you desire to fill me up with you. Lord, you know what bread I need each day and you know the amount I need to be full of you. Please prompt me each day to empty my cup out.

Your Word says in 1 Peter 5:7 to “cast all our cares upon You, for You care for us.” Thank you that you love me in a way like this, that is so indescribable. Today, I pour out all my hurts, concerns, worries, agendas, unforgiveness, and everything else that is filling my cup up today. I ask that you take it all from my hands, empty me out completely. I ask that you fill me with your provision today, your presence, your will, and your purpose.

Fill me up with all of you, so that I can be a light and pour out onto others. I am so grateful for your blessings, and I praise you for being a God of abundance. You came so that I may “have life and live is abundantly.”

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