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Before I attempt to address Breaking Toxic Cycles , I must first give a definition of the word Toxic? Why? Many of us fall into a deep trap thinking toxicity is a form of care and love.

Toxic - anything considered to be harmful, or dangerous. Toxicity can affect both your physical well being as well as your mental health. From the drinks and food you allow into your body to the thoughts you feed your mind, and  words/behavior you allow others to use against you. 

Many have suffered or are living toxic lifestyles, from engaging into toxic relationships to being addicted to some form of narcotics, porn, infidelity  drunkardness and  unhealthy patterns . 

What does the bible say about being bound? 

Galatians 5:1  For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. 

God wants us to live a life of freedom, not the opposite, being caught up in a toxic cycle is poisonious to our salvation. 

Toxic relationships and patterns  are mind-bending. They go around and around in the same disastrous circles – without resolution. Chances are you have experienced this – or are still suffering the anguish of trying to change, survive and fix these patterns that just don't seem to stop.

What are some signs of toxic behavior?

1. Controlling Behavior

2. Verbal/ Emotional & Physical Abuse

3. Extreme  Jealousy 

4. Resentment 

5. Addiction to unhealthy patterns and lifestyles (porn, alcohol drugs etc.)

6. Dishonesty 

This list can continue but I hope you get the idea. 

How can we break the cycle? 

Before reading a bunch of steps online, you must first surrender your life and situation to God, allowing him to intervene and help you. Surrendering to him, means taking your hands off the wheel of your life and asking him to take charge of the steering wheel. Only then we can see God manifest in our lives, only then we can see the results, the breakthroughs and victories he has promised. 

He does not want us caught up in cycle, he wants the best for his children, a life of freedom,  prosperity and broken chains.  

After, engaging in that step of surrender,  you can follow these simple guidelines and work towards breaking the cycle/s: 

1. Step out of denial. Be prepared to dry off as you step out of the river of Denial.

2. Lock of negativity energy i.e. persons, social media, shows and music . 

3. Keep a positive circle of friends and family whom you can share freely        with 

4. Read self value affirmations daily. 

5. Practice self rewarding activities : exercise, charity, and outdoor recreation to name a few. (activities that boost yourself esteem).

6. Seek new knowledge on concerning matters (read books, follow life influencers, mentors, pastors etc.) 

7. Challenge yourself and try something out of your comfort zone. 

8. Create a safe space to journal your thoughts, pray, meditate etc. 

9. Set goals and try your best to achieve them

10.Treat yourself in the midst of everything, don't be too hard on yourself, you've got to live with YOU for the rest of your life. LOVE YOURSELF!

Here are a  few books I would recommend : 

1. Fearless Conversations With A Limitless God - Veirdre Jackson

2. Breaking Toxic Soul Ties - Tom Brown

3. Get out of your head - Jennie Allen

4. Whole Again - Jackson Mackenzie 

For the Lord says, I have come to give you life and life more abundantly!

Enjoy your journey to Recovery! Love Meera :) 

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