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You may have heard many stories about how people got saved, some so intriguing you can barely believe it. The road to my salvation was quite blurry. Let's rewind to some years ago.  I had no clue about the importance of having a relationship with Jesus. I lived day by day without knowledge of who he was or what this whole Christian thing was about. Although I spent my early years in a Roman Catholic primary school I sure had heard of this man they called Jesus but that was just it. 

I grew up in a Strong Hindu home with my father being a strict Hindu. My mom was however a Christian so there was a mixture of both religions in our home; of course with my dad being the head of the home, we practiced the Hindu faith more than the Christian. Being this young  I  never worshipped any one God. I participated in both rituals. 

There was always a pull and thug when it came to this because I understood the Christian faith much more than the Hindu  and wanted to be apart of it somehow. Luckily for me, my mom always encouraged me to attend church.  Nearby our little village, I started attending Vacation Bible School and Sunday school. 

Although I have been doing this I was still apart of the H

indu traditions. It was a very confusing stage for me.  As years passed and I grew into a teenager, I began to admire some Christian Role Models (Heather Lindsey) and always thought to myself I would like to be become  someone like that one day. 

I eventually began attending a church which most of my family members (on my mother's side) had been attending. With the encouragement from all of my Christian family I committed myself to the faith. 

I eventually got baptized at the age of 19. Coming from a Hindu home it was very challenging to say YES I AM CHRISTIAN. I faced the toughest opposition from my dad mainly. I  heard it all because he was not too pleased with me being in this faith . He eventually realized most of my time was being devoted to church and also saw my negligence in participating in the Hindu rituals. 

It was a constant battle, I even recall crying when I couldn't go to church on a Sunday. I always wanted the freedom to go to church when I wanted. With limited resources then i.e. no vehicle of my own I was quite depressed. 

As years passed, my dad saw my dedication to church and the Junior Ministry. He accepted my faith and now sometimes joins me at crusades etc. No he isn't quite saved but I say all this  to encourage you to stand firm in  your walk with God. Oppositions will come, but God doesn't want our faith to waiver. He wants a people BOLD enough to proclaim he is Lord. 

It may seem blurry now but he has a purpose for us all! It is time we realize this. The journey never ends, we will continue to face trials, resentment and rejection. In the end we must remember whom we serve and that is all that matters.

Are you going to be BOLD for Jesus?

 P.S. This blog is in no way geared to condemn the Hindu faith...


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